Make the best of the Spring!

16.4.2016 00:00:00

“Painting With Musicby Merril Hope-Brown

Art Studio @ Robert College


16/04 11:00-13.00

23/04 11:00-12:30

30/04 11:00-12:30

07/05 11:00-12:30

14/05 11:00-12:30

Discover the inner artist and free your visual creative impulse!  Everyone is a visual artist, but as adults we don’t always get the chance to explore that side of our nature in a creative and safe environment.  The purpose of this series of six sessions is to do exactly that.   Our inspiration will be music of different genres.  There are no rules or right answers – as we respond visually freely and independently to the music that we are listening to.  Our materials will be water colour paints, pencils, oil pastels, acrylic paint.  The early spontaneous and free work that we do will be channelled as a personal style evolves and we will use our earliest experiments and creativity to produce an individual and unique abstract art work that is a visual expression of our ideas and inspirations.   The first session will be an introduction workshop of 120 minutes and subsequent sessions 2 – 5 will be 90 minutes.