Improving Your Photography

7.5.2016 00:00:00

Improving Your Photography by Alex Downs (photography Instructor at RC)

This is a Photography class, designed for any photographer at any level; whether you are simply trying to figure out what all those buttons and dials on your machine can do or are looking to take your current skills up a notch.
Feel free to bring either film or digital camera (or both) or even just your cell phone.

Classes will be small (no more than 12 people) and will meet once a week for four weeks, with a fifth meeting that will be a photographic journey out into the city.  Each class will introduce a new concept and explore some technical aspect of Photography. There will be group critiques of student work and weekly exercises designed to get you thinking about how you use your camera more effectively. Classes will run for about 90 minutes are designed to be fun and educational, highly individualized, and end with food, drink and conversation at Bizim Tepe
To enroll, please call Nil Sarrafoğlu 212 287-0078

Members: 350 TL
Guests: 450 TL